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Light Fixture Cleaning Las Vegas

Light fixture cleaning Las Vegas, Chandelier Cleaning, Commercial and Residential.

Your light fixtures can be a very expensive accessory in your home. They provide light in the dark, are an elegant piece of art, and help you work when the sun goes down. Although, your light fixture are beautiful, they are also hard to reach, fragile and can be an expensive cost if poorly handled.

Take Care

We take care of all your light fixture. Let’s face it light fixtures are glass. They can break easy, and will if handled improperly. Good thing. glass is what we do. As a certified, licensed and bonded window and glass light fixture cleaning company we know how to take care of your light fixtures. And we will!

Our Promise

We will always treat your home or office like our own. We will tread lightly and handle your windows, screen and light fixtures with the utmost delicacy.

Light Fixture Cleaning Las Vegas

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